Sip In Summer In Style

Nothing says Summer quite like drinking lemonade out of a mason jar, right?


Or toasting to a graduation, wedding or anniversary in a Manhattan Champagne flute.

Citrix 2009 (151)

Or cooling off with our Cobalt Blue water goblet.


Nothing tastes sweeter than enjoying a chilly drink from our Salud Grande Martini glass on a hot day.

ojai wedding april 2012_photo by michaelandannacosta(7)

But if you want to feel like a kid again, we have mini Glass Milk Bottles sip chocolate milk out of!

0262_101015_Jessica Friedman_CHW_0429

What will you let our Fleur De Lis glasses runneth over with?

Bernadette Coleman and Ryan Nash Wedding

Cheers to an excellent and stylish Summer! Love the Platinum Rim Martini Glass Xx

picture 234

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